Commitment to bring Arema FC to champions, three foreign players are tied to two season contracts

The composition of Arema FC’s foreign players for next season’s competition will certainly not experience significant changes. This is after Arema FC’s management confirmed a two-season contract extension for three foreign players who previously defended the Singo Edan team.

The three foreigners are goalkeeper Adilson Maringa, stopper Sergio Silva and midfielder Renshi Yamaguchi. “After doing an assessment and consideration, the composition of foreign players has not changed much. Three players, namely Adilson Maringa, Sergio Silva and Renshi Yamaguchi, have officially extended their contracts,” said Arema FC media officer, Sudarmaji.

In the contract clause, it is clearly stated that there is a target to win and perform at the Asian level that must be achieved for next season so that it becomes a special motivation. The certainty of this contract extension cannot be separated from the recommendation of head coach Eduardo Almeida who has the mandate to return to handle Arema FC next season. “This contract extension is also a recommendation from the head coach who also takes part in the formation of the team framework,” concluded Sudarmaji.

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