Commenting on the Alleged Detention of Habib Rizieq, Munarman: How?


JAKARTA – The power of law Habib Rizieq Shihab , Munarman commented on the incomplete examination of Habib Rizieq at Polda Metro Jaya , Saturday (12/12/2020). The examination of FPI leaders starting at 10.25 WIB until 22.00 WIB has not been completed.

Then the reporters asked about Habib Rizieq being detained? Munarman answered that there is no warrant for detention alone, but an arrest warrant already exists. “There is no such thing (detention) and we are not supposing,” said Munarman, Saturday (12/12/2020) night. (Also read: At 21.00 WIB, Habib Rizieq’s examination has not yet entered the substance of the alleged article)

According to him, as of 21.00 WIB, Saturday (12/12/2020), Habib Rizieq’s examination was still around the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI). “The substance of the suspicion has not yet been entered. Not yet entered into articles 160, 93 and 216 of the Criminal Code. Only about FPI, its statutes. So it has not entered the substance of the problem, “he said. (Also read: Treated Humanist, Habib Rizieq Becomes Imam of Maghrib Prayers at Polda Metro Jaya)



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