Commentator Matt Welch provokes interaction with statement after Qatar’s stance on homosexuality…and Saudi academic responds

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Social media activists have released videos of American commentator, Matt Welch, in which he spoke about the Western world’s view of gay rights and the outcry over gay rights. “LGBTQ+ community” during the World Cup in Qatar 2022.

Welch’s statements were posted by the latter on his YouTube page, and his comment came after an outcry raised by American sports journalist Grant Wahl, who said that security personnel asked them to remove their colored clothes rainbow before entering the stadium.

Saudi academic Turki Al-Hamad commented on the video clip with a series of tweets in which he said: “The problem with the West in general (Europe and America and their settlements) is that they are still prisoners and they are ‘European’ and western culture in general, where everything revolves around the culture of the West, whether consciously or not. Awareness of the result of education. Of course, no one denies the central role of European civilization in shaping the modern world..”

And he went on to say: “But the question is not at all. According to this illusion, the human being is only the Western, and the values ​​of the West in their entirety, without sorting or classification, are the only universal and human values, or they should be, and so it’s the values ​​that should be at the forefront.” The priorities of companies around the world, regardless of the priorities of those companies, whose ultimate concern, for example …”

Al-Hamad added: “The rights of homosexuals (the LGBT community to put it mildly) or sexual transformation… I don’t mean its legalization and making it a human right, parallel and equal to the right to life.” Or to freedom, or to work, or to human dignity, for example, when the West will abandon…”

The Saudi academic concluded by stating: “His chauvinistic centralism inherited from colonial times, and recognizes that man is not only Western, but also Asian, African and Latin, and his values ​​are not all absolute and priority, only then we can talk on a multicolored world, and a human being is me and you and him, and not just him..”

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