Comment: You idiots and incompetent amateurs, your president is talking to you

The situation is serious. This is evidenced not only by Friday’s record number of 8,618 infected people, but also by the fact that the entire political scene is stepping on the brakes. Even Andrej Babiš finally willingly admits that we have a problem. And it threatens to lockdown. The opposition calls on the people to hide the revolt against Babiš for the elections and now abide by what they order.

The only one who is unwilling or unable to abandon his usual “insult and divide” tactic is the highest constitutional official, President Milos Zeman. And he took it in an interview for MF Today really from the floor.

Instead of going to bars, “Pražská smetánka” should read books and thus improve its low level of education. Artists created their best works when they were hungry. Critics of Zeman on social networks are “Internet idiots.” And people who downplay coronavirus, in turn, are “used amateurs.”

The usual collection of Zeman’s vulgarities, one would say. It is frightening how we have become accustomed to such expression from the head of state and how we are more or less waving our hands over it. But it will stand out all the more when it comes at a time when the nation would need a real statesman. To reassure him, he said something positive and called for cohesion. If you want it, you have to go to Slovakia instead of Prague Castle.

Even more embarrassing, however, is Zeman’s teaching that the closure of leisure activities has nothing to do with the economy. Zeman apparently froze in thinking where economies are just big factories. Unfortunately, the impact of the collapse of the “gyms” he mocks will soon convince us all the opposite.

Unable to stretch out their hands

At a time when many businesses are collapsing and people are at risk of losing their jobs, the country’s president is not fantasizing about “cleaning up the market” and getting rid of incompetent businessmen who go bankrupt anyway and just reach out.

I would just like to remind you of the report from the beginning of September: The Prague Castle Administration will receive an additional 215 million crowns from the state budget reserve. This is due to a “drop in income from tourism, rental and lower interest in holding social events caused by the spread of coronavirus“.

And because the president has managed to deal with a few insults with the crisis in the country, he can focus on more important things. For example, planning celebrations of a national holiday at a time of epidemiological crisis and lobbying for the Danube-Odra-Elbe canal, which no one wants.

Or his holy war with the head of the Security Information Service Michal Koudelka. As we also learned from a recent interview, the president hired a former head of BIS analyst, who processed the “material” for Koudelka. At the next meeting, he will receive a folder from the prime minister.

The president of the lower ten million greets you.

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