COMMENT: Tykadla – Jan Keller

Last year, Martin Lang, the then ODS politician and local representative in Jesenice near Prague, spread a statement calling for the President of the Republic to be undermined. He described the council of deputies because of their vote in parliament as “treacherous pigs that are allowed and necessary to be killed”.

The bus driver was sentenced to pay a fine of CZK 15,667 and a hundred days of community service. He paid the fine and refused to start work, so he was sentenced unconditionally to 100 days in prison. After three weeks of hiding, he reported himself to the police and sentenced.

Martin Lang’s case was not so dramatic. The courts have already ruled that the person in question has not committed any crime, and the former councilor does not have to fear punishment. It is therefore not clear why he was actually expelled from the ODS. He does not intend to apologize to the president or deputies.

What are the lessons from both stories? If Roman Smetana had any idea how things work in our country, he would not paint the tentacles, but he would immediately call for the undercutting and bleeding of politicians who do not like him. In that case, nothing would have happened to him.

Martin Lang was much more far-sighted. He did not dare to paint a single tentacle on any of the constitutional officials. He knew full well that the criminal would not miss him.

As stated by the Supreme Court in the case of the former Olomouc driver, “every citizen has the right to freedom of expression and presentation of his or her political views, but this right must not exceed the threshold of attacking property or continue his aggression (endanger human health or life ) “.

Citizens at least know that not to call for killing, but to draw tentacles can fatally endanger the health and lives of politicians.

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