Commences LIRR Jamaica train service to Grand Central Station

It took years but finally at 10:45 in the morning this Wednesday the first LIRR train that connected Jamaica with Grand Central Madison left. The journey took about 22 minutes.

A service that Anthony Joel Aquino, who lives in The Bronx but works on Long Island, has been waiting for years to reduce his travel time.

“Now I’m going to save myself like 30 minutes,” Aquino said.

-And how do you feel?

“Perfect and very happy.”

“This is the train to… Grand Central,” read a social media post from the LIRR account.

“And obviously I have my paper ticket to keep as history,” Jason Anthony said.

And is not for less. The station, Grand Central Madison, took more than a decade to complete, according to the MTA.

It is the largest new rail terminal built in the United States since the 1950s and the first expansion to the LIRR in more than 100 years.

“Long Island is closer to New York City with this project,” said Janno Lieber, MTA President and CEO. “And this is good news for everyone who wants to see people return to work in the offices, visit the theaters, go shopping and continue to use the city as usual.”

For the first three weeks, the LIRR operates limited shuttle service between Jamaica and Grand Central Madison so passengers can become familiar with the new stop.

• During the week, the trains will operate between 6:15 am and 8 pm.

• On weekends they will work from 7am to 11pm

• Service will run every 30 minutes in both directions and once an hour during peak hours.

Transit officials say the new service will change the way Long Island commuters get around, because about 45 percent of them go to Grand Central.

That will reduce congestion at Penn Station, the only destination for Long Island trains in Manhattan.

“To our travelers, the people we represent, the people we care about the most, we are giving something that is precious. We are giving them back time in their lives,” said Governor Kathy Hochul.

It’s a great day for New Yorkers!

“Today’s inaugural trip of the @LIRR Jamaica Shuttle to Grand Central Station is a major milestone for public transportation. This project will shorten commutes and connect New Yorkers to their jobs, families, and communities,” the governor further wrote in a social media message

For more information on schedules for the new train service between Jamaica and Grand Central Madison visit the website of the MTA or in the TrainTime app.

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