Coming soon! Noah x Dragon Gate’s Dream Festival! Press conference report just before “GLOBAL2days WRESTLE UNIVERSE presents GLOBAL DREAM”! | Noah’s official professional wrestling site

Coming soon! Noah x Dragon Gate’s Dream Festival! Press conference report just before “GLOBAL2days WRESTLE UNIVERSE presents GLOBAL DREAM”!




Today, prior to the DRAGONGATE Korakuen Hall tournament, a press conference was held just before “GLOBAL2days WRESTLE UNIVERSE presents GLOBAL DREAM” to be held on Friday 11th November in the paddy field.

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Madoka Kikuta Ryu Fuda Mochizuki Jr. VS Yoshiki Inamura Yasutaka Yano Kaui Fujimura


First of all, En Kikuta, Ryu Fuda, Mochizuki Jr., Yoshiki Inamura, Yasutaka Yano and Kaui Fujimura of Pro Wrestling Noah will clash in the 6-man tag match of the first match, who introduced himself and talked about his intentions.

[Commenti dei giocatori sotto]

Kaui Fujimura

“I’m Kaui Fujimura. This time it’s Noah vs. Dragon Gate, and I think the outcome of this single match is very important because we don’t usually fight against each other. I want to leave an impact in the game. Thank you.”

Yasutaka Yano

“This is Yasutaka Yano from Pro Wrestling Noah. I think the exchange match between Noah and Dragon Gate on 11 will be a rivalry. I want to show you my strength.”

Yoshiki Inamura

“I’m Pro Wrestling Noah, Yoshiki Inamura. I want to show my overwhelming strength, my overwhelming size, overwhelming presence, everything and overwhelmingly winning. Thank you.”

Ryu Fuda

“I’m Ryu Fuda from Dragon Gate. This is my first time fighting a player from another organization, so I want to fight my way. Please provide some support.”

Mochizuki Jr.

“For all NOAH fans, it’s been a long time. My name is Mochizuki Jr. and I was able to step into the ring with my dad in the form of an intrusion. I can’t wait to do it. This time you fight ahead. to all NOAH fans. And there are other cards that are a mix of Dragon Gate and Mr. Noah, but this card is a competitive battle. I absolutely want to win. Thanks. “

Madoka Kikuta

“My name is Madoka Kikuta from Dragon Gate. This is my first time playing in front of Noah fans.

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Ryo Saito Genki Horiguchi NOSAWA Rongai VS Kzy JACKY “FUNKY” KAMEI YO-HEY


Next, we went to a press conference with Ryo Saito, Genki Horiguchi, NOSAWA Rongai, Kzy, JACKY “FUNKY” KAMEI and YO-HEY, who will participate in the 6-man tag match in the third match. However, Genki Horiguchi and NOSAWA Rongai, who were supposed to appear at the press conference, boycotted the press conference. Eerie air flows from before the match, but what will happen at the end of this match?

[Commenti dei giocatori sotto]

Ryo Saito

“You two seem really excited about 11. It looks like you have something to prepare, so please think carefully. We’re getting excited, but we’re going to be a trio that will eat it all.

As a comment from NOSAWA player Rongai here

“I don’t want to meet Saito until match day to maintain a sense of tension. And one more thing, event day, please get ready to fight a 5v1 handicap match as a member of natural vibes.

A message like the following is introduced.

Kzy player

“Eh? Who? NOSAWA out of the question?”

Ryo Saito

“Wait a minute! Isn’t that weird! Did you really say that !? No no no no …”

Kzy: “It looks like it’s going to be a festive party.”

Ryo Saito

“Well, alright! I’ll do it myself!”

Player Kzy “Did you say? Did you say !?”

Ryo Saito

“Well … Horiguchi-san, that’s appropriate! Maybe I’m just saying it. At this point the psychological warfare has started … Tasukete … I’m surprised when I first hear it! It’s possible, NOSAWA, it’s out question.” Horiguchi-san will also be on board. I’m starting to worry about 11. Maybe he won’t get into the ring. “

Kzy player “possible possible”

Ryo Saito

“Can you help me then? Can you help YO-HEY? You said it was a festival, right?

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YO-HEY player

“Even if it’s called a festival, a match is a match”.

Ryo Saito

“Wouldn’t it be fun if we won 3 to 1 !? Wow, wow! For now, I’ll find them both!”



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Shun Skywalker Tadasuke VS AMAKUSA Takuma Fujiwara


Subsequently, AMAKUSA and Takuma Fujiwara appeared and commented, who will participate in the seventh game. When the two players were about to finish their comments, their opponents, Tadasuke and Shun Skywalker, break in. The two were attacked during a photo shoot and the meeting turned into a riot.

[Commenti dei giocatori sotto]

Takuma Fujiwara

“I’m Takuma Fujiwara of Dragon Gate. I’m back from Mexico temporarily. Three games, the last of which will be in this joint performance of Noah and Dragon Gate. I think it’s an opportunity to sell my name. I want everyone to know how awesome it is. the young Dragon Gate and my name, Takuma Fujiwara.

AMAKUSA player

“Dear Dragon Gate fans, nice to meet you. My name is AMAKUSA. My card is teaming up with Takuma Fujiwara next to me to play Shun Skywalker … but next month I will have a duel with Tadasuke at the Kongo Show. Before that. all, I would like to say that I only see Tadasuke, but Shun Skywalker seems to joke that this card is vulgar. Even Fujiwara beside me is unique. I heard you are a player. Dragon Gate’s future and Noah’s future in this battle. “

* Tadasuke breaks in here

Tadasuke player

“Hey, hey, hey, what are you talking about? Why didn’t you invite me to the interview? What’s wrong with you, Dragon Gate? Huh? A genius? Come on, come on! What are you doing? Shun! Come on! Oishun! Say what you mean! “

* He is called Shun Skywalker

Shun Skywalker player

“(To Tadasuke) Why are you so high up? No doubt this card is vulgar. What I’m trying to say is Shun Skywalker, don’t give up. He’s not connected to any organization, is he? This pro wrestling world. Shun Skywalker-san, right? Get in the ring after you understand all of this.

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Kaito Kiyomiya Yuki Yoshioka VS Kenoh Kota Minoura


Eventually, Kenoh and Kota Minorura, who appear in the main event, appeared and talked about their excitement.

[Commenti dei giocatori sotto]

boxing champion

“This card was assembled all of a sudden, but I think it’s the best material I’ve ever seen in Dragon Gate. I’ve always said that Dragon Gate = YAMATO I came, but next to YAMATO is this guy, Minoura. Your Dragon Gate opponent Yoshioka … You’re the champion now, aren’t you? A guy like that, he’s just a champion who was brought in by the company. The company. Come to think of it, we also have one. We also have a champion from the store that he was brought by the company, Kaito Kiyomiya! Oh come to think of it, it will be the day after tomorrow Hey, media bitches! Hey, you take him with you, right? stars. Not funny at all! Hey, Minoura! Let’s overthrow this pro wrestling world formula the day after tomorrow. Okay! I’ll flip all the transport! “

Kota Minor

“Since I will be working alongside Kenoh-san, I think there is nothing to do but absorb him. I can’t wait to see you that day. Last month in Korakuen, Kaito Kiyomiya entered our ring. Well, I don’t. I know I think there is a better opponent than this in this tournament. I also have my partner Yuki Yoshioka, so I’m thinking about going out with Kenoh-san together. I’m looking forward to November 11th. “

* The full video of the press conference will also be posted on Pro Wrestling Noah’s official YouTube channel.

Click here for Pro Wrestling Noah Official YouTube

November 11 (Friday) Information on pre-sale of tickets for the Korakuen Hall tournament here

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We look forward to your visit and listen!

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