Comfortable and Handsome, Price of Toyota Kijang Innova Type V Manual 2016 used, released at this price – Price Toyota Kijang Innova Type V manual 2016 gasoline, released at this price

Toyota Innova as a replacement for the Toyota Kijang capsule, successful sales in the country.

Toyota Kijang Innova is the 5th generation Toyota Kijang in Indonesia.

The Toyota Kijang Innova is currently offered with 3 engine options, namely the 2.0 and 2.7 petrol ones.

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While the choice of another Toyota Kijang Innova engine is a diesel 2.5.

Toyota Kijang Innova This has several advantages that are suitable for use as a family car.

One of the advantages of the Innova in question is the spacious cabin space.

When filled with seven passengers, the cabin of this car still feels spacious and comfortable with a capable cargo space.

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In the market, Toyota Kijang Innova gasoline for the year 2016 is sold for Rp. 200 million.



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