Comfort Nissan Serena C27 ​​Used Inside and Outside the City

JAKARTA, – In the MPV medium class, Nissan Serena The C27 is an option worth considering. Because this car offers a pretty good comfort when used in and out of town.

With a size that is not small, to ride Serena C27 in urban areas it is quite easy. The wheel is relatively light at low speed, so maneuvering feels so easy.

But since the entire length is almost 5 meters, you just have to be more careful and square when making the U-turn.

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Then when used outside the city, this car is also fairly comfortable because it is able to provide an ergonomic driving position.

With a steering wheel that can be adjusted telescopic and tilt steering, making this car comfortable to drive various postures. In addition, the large glass windows make a clear view in all directions.

This is also still supported by the Intelligent Arround View Monitor (I-AVM) feature. Thanks to this feature, it makes it easier for drivers to park in narrow spaces.

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Test Drive Nissan Serena Test Drive Nissan Serena C27

The I-AVM feature also synergizes with Moving Object Detection (MOD), this feature will provide information with sound and a yellow indicator on the screen when the car is backing up and an object is passing.

However, it should be noted, this feature is not visible on the head unit screen, but on the instrument screen near the MID. This makes the display appear too small and less obvious.

Driving with the family in this car is also fun thanks to its existence touchless sliding, roof monitor 11 inches, 7 USB ports, up to cruise control although not yet adaptive like the X-Trail.

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Test Drive Nissan Test Drive Nissan Serena

Safety features are also quite complete, airbags are available for the driver and front passenger from both the front and the side.

Not to be left behind curtain airbag up to the third row. Then ABS, EBD, BA to Vehicle Dynamic Control have become standard features in the Highway Star type.

So even though the size is large, you will be spoiled for a number of features, so that the driving experience in and out of town will be enjoyable.

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Test Drive Nissan Serena Test Drive Nissan Serena C27

But regarding the suspension, the Serena C27 ​​throw is not exactly soft. This car still feels a little hard, especially when entering bumpy terrain and potholes.

Moreover, the cabin tightness is also fairly ordinary. Noises from outside still enter, including shaking sound inside the cabin when the car passes through the damaged road.


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