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Comeback, TWICE Opens Up About Career and Taste of Love

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

TWICE again greeting fans or ONCE through the latest album, Taste of Love. Through the album, they invite fans into a relaxed atmosphere as if they were on vacation. Taste of Love has the title track Alcohol-Free.

The song combines the genres of bossa nova and hip-hop which tells the magical moment of falling in love. It was also TWICE’s first chance to showcase the genre in their music.

Some time ago, CNNIndonesia.com managed to correspond with TWICE regarding their comeback this time.

In the correspondence, TWICE shared the story behind the making of the album, their involvement in writing lyrics, to their career journey up to this point.

Here is our conversation with nine TWICE members some time ago.

Can you tell me about Taste of Love?

You can see the side of TWICE in love in our tenth album, Taste of Love. This is our newest album after releasing our second full length album, Eyes Wide Open, eight months ago.

All the members participated in writing the lyrics of the side track, that’s why this album is special for us.

Our main song, Alcohol-Free, is a fusion of bossa nova and hip-hop. This is a concept that TWICE has shown for the first time and fits well with summer. It’s a fun song that makes us feel like we’re on vacation.

How was the story when you were involved in making songs on this album?

I wrote the lyrics for the side track, Baby Blue Love. The theme of this song is predetermined. So it takes longer to write lyrics compared to other songs. When the theme of the song is not determined, I am free to take inspiration from many things. It’s more difficult if the theme is already defined.

Since I love baby blue, I get a lot of inspiration from it. In the chorus, I want to mention baby blue and I feel happy because the result is as good as I imagined.

TWICE again greets fans or ONCE through the latest album, Taste of Love. (doc. JYP Entertainment)-

What song are you most proud of from this album?

I feel proud of all TWICE songs. But if I had to choose a song that I like more on this album, it’s SOS.

At first, I didn’t know how to write song lyrics. However, I was able to finish it faster than I thought.

SOS is a sentimental song, I want to surprise the fans. “Dahyun wrote a song like this?”

Was there an interesting story when preparing this album?

We filmed on the beach of Jeju island, we had to take pictures with the sunset. Since the sunset time was very short, I remember our staff and members concentrating so we could finish it in one shot.

Since everyone has worked hard, I hope our fans can watch that part more closely.

What do you expect from fans after hearing Taste of Love?

In these difficult times, through our music, I hope you can feel happy. The meaning of the group name TWICE is ‘from the eye (appearance) once, from the ear (music) once’, I hope that with Taste of Love your eyes and ears can be pleasant.


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