Column of ambulances in the night to evacuate RSA – Chronicle


A sequence of ambulances that cross the deserted country in the night, with flashing lights on, to pick up the elderly guests of a retirement home where the Coronavirus has already made four victims in a few days. This is the scene that the inhabitants of Sambuca di Sicilia had to witness from the windows, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, which in a few weeks went from being a Covid-free municipality during the entire period of the pandemic to ” red zone “. Since yesterday afternoon, in fact, all the access routes have been manned by the police after the decision taken by the President of the Region who has effectively “armored” the country. One way to try to immediately deal with an outbreak with 64 positives detected, out of about 6,000 inhabitants, in addition to the four elderly people who have already died, mostly concentrated in that retirement home. The cluster was discovered thanks also to the decision of the mayor, Leo Ciaccio, who in recent days had launched the campaign for a free carpet screening among all employees of the Municipality, public offices, and commercial businesses. And the results of the swabs revealed that the virus had also reached Sambuca. And it was always the mayor who yesterday afternoon urged the transfer of the elderly in more serious conditions among the thirty patients of the RSA, all positive together with the 14 operators who assist them. “We risk having other victims, there is no more time to waste”, said the mayor to the President of the Musumeci Region who immediately responded to the appeal. In the evening, the arrival of ambulances and health personnel with biocontainment equipment that began to transfer the first elderly to the hospitals and other Covid centers on the island. And so the long procession of emergency vehicles towards the exit of the town, for a moment brought to mind the images of army trucks lined up in the streets of Bergamo.



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