Colored hearts, ribbons and broken, do you really know what each emoji you send via WhatsApp means?

When we are talking to our friends, partner or family through the apps we usually use emojis to make our messages a little more lively. We ever send hearts without knowing that each of the colors has its own meaning, so do we really know them?

Emojipedia explains in its web the true meaning of these emoticons, although each user can use it in a different way because its uses are free.

Red heart: Its meaning expresses love or romance.

Orange heart: It is related to the love that can exist between two friends.

Yellow heart: It expresses pure and sincere love, in addition, it is related to friendship.

Purple heart: It has to do with forbidden or hidden love, especially it is intended for lovers.

Blue Heart: It means trust and security.

Green heart: Related to health and nature.

White Heart: It is used for love and affection between people, it is also used in situations of death.

The date of when they could be used is unknown.

Brown heart: It is used to discuss issues related to racial identity.

Black heart: It can be a symbol of black humor and represents sadness and pain.

Broken heart: It means a breakup of love.

Two pink hearts (one is bigger than the other): Show that love is in the air.

Two pink hearts of the same size that are spinning: It means the love that exists between two people.

Beating heart: Represents the emotion for some situation.

Growing heart: It means that the feeling of love is growing.

Heart with stars: Expresses a feeling in users.

Arrowed heart: Taking into account that it refers to Cupid, it is intended to be used to reflect the love between a couple.

The designs have been made by two young Sevillians.

Heart with a yellow ribbon: Employed in times of love and friendship.

Heart with a bandage: Indicates the process of healing, recovery or expresses sympathy for a person who is going through a difficult time.

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