Colorado Springs Switchbacks – Sacramento Republic, 02. Juli 2022 Wetten

Development of average odds:

The best odds:
1 Colorado Springs Switchbacks Winner 2.10 means 21.00€ payout and 11.00€ profit for a stake of 10€
2 Sacramento Republic winners 3.10 means 31.00€ payout and 21.00€ profit for a stake of 10€
X draw 3.30 so 33.00€ payout and 23.00€ profit with a 10€ bet

The average odds for the game Colorado Springs Switchbacks – Sacramento Republic result in the following probabilities for the outcome of the game:

1: Sieg Colorado Springs Switchbacks (43.2%)
X: Tie (27.5%)
2: Sieg Sacramento Republic (29.3%)

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