Colomiers. The teachers of Montel high school do not take off

On the occasion of the demonstrations of January 31, the staff of the school once again mobilized “to obtain more means for our students, whether in terms of human resources or educational credits” relate the elected union representatives. Denouncing the lack of staff within an establishment where the number of pupils is increasing, “after the strike movement last year, we managed to obtain an additional teaching assistant position, but for lack of means, it was not renewed this year” explains Frédérique Franchi, representative of education staff.

According to the teachers on strike, the educational credits are insufficient and the arrival of the envelope of the establishment’s global allocation does not calm their anger. “This is stable while the number of students is increasing, the rectorate continuing to apply a misguided method of calculation, based on establishments that can accommodate up to 30 students per class, while ours is only planned for 24. Actions such as duplication, tutoring and support for students will not be able to be put in place” concludes on the side of the demonstrators, who are also worried about seeing certain colleagues not replaced.

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