Colomiers. The hospital can be visited at the Pavillon Blanc and exhibited at home

The cultural season promises to be extraordinary at the Pavillon Blanc Henri Molina: the specific circumstances linked to the health crisis having serious consequences. However, this also makes it possible to offer new, innovative and appreciable modes of operation.

The exhibition “Méandres”, by Christian Lhopital, is also a perfect example: his project is installed on the wall of the Art Center until October 31, 2020, but also those on the ground floor and of the Pavillon Blanc floor, until October 31, 2021. In addition, and this is a great first, users will be able to borrow his drawings currently on display in the atrium!

Cloths and graphite are Christian Lhopital’s tools. “This exposure was defined during confinement,” he recalls. “I have a somewhat nomadic instinct. The dance, the body, the gesture, the space, have always fascinated me, as has the ‘Here and now’. I developed this idea of ​​displacement in my wall drawings. : these “Meanders” which reflect those of thought and drawing, face the constraints of the place in complete freedom “.

From January to October 2021, the public will be able to borrow his ten “fabulous drawings” presented in the atrium, which “mix good with evil, evil with good… That’s life. Their story can be fractured over time. a loan, and resume when the junction is reestablished “.

These drawings will therefore be installed with the locals, but also in the schools and partner places that will borrow the works. The Art Center is thus inventing new proximity to the public, to see and talk about art throughout the Pavilion, in the city, or at home!

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