Colomiers. Romain Bézian: “Our young people do not tell it to themselves”

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Winners of their third consecutive game, the second away, the Columérins are in the nails and can approach the rest with serenity. This is confirmed by their captain, Romain Bézian.

By imposing yourself in Provence on Friday, you have achieved a very good operation and confirm your good start to the season.

It is true. This is a very good result. We came to test ourselves and the result is there. Frankly, we deserve it all the more with the team we have presented. There were plenty of young people like Djehi, Séguéla, Ricard, Popon, Larregain. They confirm their potential and that is the icing on the cake. This is proof that we have a really homogeneous workforce with young people who work, who are talented and who do not tell the story. It’s great.

The young Séguéla precisely, propelled holder behind the fray for the first time, how did it go for him?

Very good. He performed well. He was able to keep a cool head, was a good ejector, managed the kicking game well. He took matters in hand, like a real newcomer, he took his responsibilities and knew how to steer his boat.

Collectively, the team has again shown discipline. No cardboard again, that changes.

(ironic) This is not normal! If we don’t take one or two cards per game, we won’t be first. And then this first place in the ranking of indiscipline, we wanted to keep it (laughs). No, more seriously, staying at fifteen the whole game helps. However, we had not started well this season, me the first (2 yellow cards in the first match at Valence-Romans, Editor’s note). There, we found the right chemistry to not be punished.

Offensively, your two Fijian players were decisive.

Indeed, Peni (Rokoduguni) and Joshua (Vici) were very good, they are our secret weapons. Overall, we made good offensive moves, which in my opinion is the first game this season which is interesting in terms of attack. But the conditions were perfect for playing, not like facing Mont-de-Marsan (rain and wind), except during the warm-up when we suffered a mosquito attack.

What do you mean ?

The being of Berre (the match took place in Fos, NDLR) is very close and there was a cloud of mosquitoes, it was impressive. It is quite common it seems. We got blown away by mosquitoes (laughs).

How do you see this series of eleven matches without a break (Aix included) that awaits you?

It’s quite new for us. We take a lesson from our match in Aix, it is that we have a homogeneous, quality squad and that we will therefore be able to count on everyone to approach this series. And that is a real plus.

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