Colomiers is full of Christmas entertainment in December

Until December 31st, the City of Colomiers, the neighborhood committees and associations organized numerous activities for the Christmas celebrations.

Photo credit: ©City of Colomiers

The communes of Haute-Garonne reveal themselves one after the other their holiday entertainment programs. This is also the case of Colomiers, which offers the whole month of December concerts, shows, balls, Christmas markets, cinemas, etc.

A proposed agenda “from the services of the city of Colomiers, but also from many partners whose investment I welcome, such as the neighborhood committees, the Le Grand Central cinema, the Petit Théâtre du center and the associations in particular”adds Karine Traval-Michelet, mayor of Colomiers.

The festivities have already started at the end of November and this weekend of December 3 and 4, with actions for the elderly. Thereby, gourmet baskets were distributed to the elderly columérinwho are also invited to Christmas balls.

Christmas entertainment in Colomiers

Here you are the detailed program of the celebrations Christmas in Colomiers, week by week, throughout the month of December.

  • Sunday 4th December : Preview “Puss in Boots 2: The Last Mission” at the Le Grand Central cinema at 11am and 4pm. Flat rate: €6 and €4.5 for children aged 14 and over.

From 5 to 11 December

  • Friday 9th December :
    • Citizens’ Homes New Year’s Eve at Comminges Hall. Prices: €15 adults, €12 children.
    • Christmas concert by the Conservatoire at 8pm in the Sainte-Radegonde church. Free, by reservation.
  • Saturday 10th December :
    • Center district committee Christmas stand: Santa Claus and hot chocolate from 8am to 1pm at the Colomiers open-air market.
    • Christmas entertainment organized by the Ramassiers-Cabirol neighborhood committee from 2pm to 5pm, Esplanade des Ramassiers.
  • Sunday 11th December :
    • Gastronomic market organized by the East-Le Village neighborhood committee and the “C Mon Village” association, place de la Bascule from 9am to 5pm. With concert, carousel and workshops.
    • Retransmission of “La Puce à l’oreille”, a play by Georges Feydeau presented by the Comédie Française, at 6.15 pm, at the Le Grand Central cinema.

From 12 to 18 December

  • Wednesday 14th December : Ciné-taste “Operation Santa Claus” at the Grand Central cinema at 3.30pm From 3 years old. Prices: €6 and €4.50 for under 14s.
  • Friday 16th December :
    • Dancing snack for the elderly at the Casa del Cittadino Val d’Aran from 2.00pm to 4.00pm
    • Free Christmas evening in front of the Colomiers town hall with entertainment from 6.00 pm and Christmas story show “Le Rituel de Flück Stum Glück” at 7.00 pm
  • Saturday 17th December :
    • “Le Souffleur”, stage-only show, at 8.45pm, at the Petit Théâtre downtown.
    • Christmas entertainment organized by the Pigeonnier district committee, from 9:00 to 13:00 at the Perget shopping centre: Christmas sweets and hot chocolate.
    • Christmas market organized by the Hauts de Colomiers district committee and the Naspe civic house, from 4pm to 9pm, place de la Naspe.
  • Sunday 18th December :
    • L’Autre Marché (local products) from 9:00 to 15:00, with the inauguration of the “Gourmet Truck”, the food truck of the Lab’culinaire of the Colomiers Town Hall at 11:00
    • Christmas concert by the Italian choir “Le Voci Del Sole” at 3.30pm, in the church of Sainte-Radegonde.

From 19 to 25 December

  • Friday 23 December : Enchanted chalet of the Val d’Aran Citizen’s House, from 18:00 to 22:00, place du Val d’Aran.

From 26 to 31 December

  • Friday 30 December :
    • Happy new break, hip-hop show for all Break in school audiences, at 8pm, in the Salle Gascogne.
    • “Tout va bien”, Cabaret chanson, all audiences, at 8.45pm and 10.45pm, at the Petit Théâtre du centre.
  • Saturday 31 December :
    • New Year’s Eve organized by the Festival Committee, at 7.30 pm in the Comminges room. At the time of registration.
    • “Tout va bien”, Cabaret chanson, all audiences, at 8.45pm and 10.45pm, at the Petit Théâtre du centre.

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