Colombia will require anticovid vaccination card from international travelers

President Iván Duque reported that as of December 14, all international travelers over 18 years of age will be required to present their anticovid vaccination card to enter Colombia.

Duque pointed out, through his Twitter account, that the decision was made taking into account the recommendations issued by the advisory committee of the Ministry of Health.

Among other things, the Head of State assured that those who wish to enter the country will have to have their complete vaccination scheme.

According to Duque, the aim is to take care of the percentage of vaccination that has been achieved in the country. The decision came amid the advance of the omicron variant of the coronavirus, which has already been reported in other countries in the region such as Brazil, Chile and Argentina.

Although Health Minister Fernando Ruiz spoke out against canceling flights to prevent the arrival of the variant, this measure seeks to restrict the entry of unvaccinated from abroad. “The speed of the variants always exceeds the detection capacity. This is why border closures are so ineffective. Today the poorest countries tend to close for political reasons, not technical, “Ruiz had written through his Twitter account on December 2.

However, this December 6, Migration Colombia alerted people who arrived in Colombia presenting symptoms of covid-19. “Be careful with having false convictions. When a person has a negative test, that does not mean that suddenly they cannot have the virus, you have to be a little more careful with others (…) We have detected people who have arrived sick on flights, we have detected people who they have come to the clinic, that is not responsible, “said Juan Francisco Espinosa, director of Migration Colombia.

In any case, the Ministry of Health has indicated that so far there is no evidence that omicron has greater severity and has recommended implementing heterologous vaccination (third anticovid dose with a brand other than the initial scheme).



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