Home News Cologne vocational college Lindenstraße: Large-scale deployment after knife attack

Cologne vocational college Lindenstraße: Large-scale deployment after knife attack

Cologne –

After a knife attack in the area of ​​the Lindenstrasse vocational college, the Cologne police are currently looking for a suspect.

Knife attack Lindenstrasse: emergency call came from the Cologne vocational college

So far it is only known that on Monday morning in the Lindenstrasse area a young man (21) was attacked with a knife and seriously injured.


The scene of the crime: The traces of blood were removed with water.

Update: It is now clear that the victim (21) is not in mortal danger after the attack, said a police spokeswoman at 12 noon. Since the attack on the sidewalk occurred at the level of the vocational college, it is still unclear whether the 21-year-old was on his way to school.

The police are still looking for the suspect at critical points, which the victim described as follows: 18 to 19 years, black skin, black jogging suit, cap, backpack. The suspect is said to be slim. Notes: 0221 / 229-0. (O.M.)



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