Cologne – Schalke 04 in the live ticker: Blackout! “Nübel out” calls

Cologne. The top game of the 24th Bundesliga match day is called 1.FC Cologne – Schalke 04,

In the West hit between Cologne and Schalke the contrasts could hardly be greater. With six wins from the past eight games, FC is the team of the hour in the Bundesliga. S04, on the other hand, has been victorious in the past five games.

Cologne – Schalke in the live ticker

Does the royal blue knot burst in the cathedral city? Or is there for Schalke in Cologne the next setback?

All information about the game Cologne – Schalke in the live ticker!


+++ Update live ticker +++

Cologne – Schalke 3: 0 (2: 0)

Goals: 1: 0 Bornauw (10.), 2: 0 Cordoba (40.), 3: 0 Kainz (76.)


+++ FC Schalke 04: Coronavirus – S04 takes consequences! +++


Possible lineups:

Cologne: Horn – Ehizibue, Bornauw, Leistner, Schmitz – Skhiri, Hector – Kainz, Rexhbecaj, Jakobs – Cordoba
Bank: Krahl, Höger, Risse, Terodde, Schindler, Meré ,, Drexler, Modeste, Thielmann

Schalke: Nübel – Kenny, Kabak, Nastasic, Oczipka – Schöpf, McKennie, Boujellab – Harit – Raman, Gregoritsch
Bank: Schubert, Matondo, Kutucu, Burgstaller, Todibo, Beckler, Mercan


Enough! A clear and also deserved victory for the FC, who continues to surf the wave of success. On the other hand, long and slowly reddening faces. Schalke, nobody will be able to deny that anymore, is in the middle of the crisis.

85 .: It will be a really uncomfortable week for Schalke and especially for Wagner and Nübel. Is there a goalkeeper change now? After the next fat buck, the T question is not unjustified.

79 .: Now the mood of the fans is finally changing. “Angry out” chants the angry guest block, who is fed up after 0: 8 goals from the last two games.

76 .: TOOOOOOOR for Cologne!

Kainz is celebrated as a goal scorer, but Nübel will not get much closer to an own goal. The Cologne player pulls to the right, shoots the S04 keeper from a far too acute angle. But the root is rooted with his hands through his own legs. Total blackout – again!

74 .: Oczipka makes the game quick, plays a one-two pass and thus brings some movement to the Cologne defensive. In the end, however, he comes too close to the Toraus line for a conclusion. After all, the right-back takes a corner, which also brings nothing.

70 .: Finally a royal blue graduation. McKennie plows so as not to lose the ball in front of the goal, then pulls away from a distance. The ball flies a meter past the box.

67 .: The people of Cologne don’t have to sacrifice themselves to play the thing down cool here. Schalke just terrifyingly weak.

62 .: While Schalke is still completely uninspired and cramped at the front, the Cologne team show how it works. Fast returns for ball wins, precise passes and simply looking for the end. With six wins from the last eight games, it is also easier to get away from.

59 .: Wagner reacts personally: Gregoritsch leaves, Burgstaller can prove himself again after a long absence.

54 .: McKennie conquers the ball, pushes through to Harit, but he doesn’t get the ball – Horn can pick up the ball in peace.

50 .: In the first few minutes it doesn’t seem as if the big defiance is coming from the S04.

46 .: The second round started with a slight delay.

Break! The second half should begin – but instead a poster appears in Cologne’s south curve, insulting Dietmar Hopp in protest against renewed collective sentences. The same pictures follow as in the other places: the game was interrupted, the team in front of the curve.

Break! A disastrous first half ends from a Schalke perspective. Two injured before the game, with Kabak a third during the game. In addition two goals and hardly a shot on goal. A well-deserved tour of Cologne – Wagner now has to put all the motivation on the table to lift this disillusioned squire’s elf again.

45 + 2: McKennie loses sight of Rexhbecaj, who targets the short corner – Nübel saves!

45 .: Now Gregoritsch! A deflected attempt to shoot lands at the feet of the Austrian, who tries to spy the ball past Horn with a contact. But the Cologne keeper remains the winner.

40 .: TOOOOOOOOOOR for Cologne!

And it is precisely from this loss of ball that the second Cologne goal results. The FC does it very quickly, Cordoba is sent steep by Rexhbecaj and closes in the left corner when falling.

39 .: Schalke with a quick countermeasure. But first McKennie plays out unnecessarily, then Schöpf wobbles the ball when his game is delayed. Six against four becomes ball loss.

36 .: Although 0: 1 back Schalke is mostly busy keeping the ball away from their own goal. Cologne presses.

29 .: Now it’s bitter truth: Kabak has to get out, is replaced by Todibo. It’s getting bizarre.

27 .: The game continues without Kabak – royal blue outnumbered.

26 .: Is Schalke losing Kabak now? In an air duel with Cordoba, the defender hits the rump with great force and has to be treated. The losing streak of the S04 never ends …

22 .: It is even more bitter for S04: The free kick before 0: 1, as the repetitions show, was a wrong decision. Manuel Grafe had decided on handball, but neither of the two Schalke involved had touched the ball with his hand.

18 .: The FC cheerfully and confidently plays forward with the lead in the back. Schalke is still desperately looking for access to the game.

14 .: The uncertainty with the S04 should not disappear due to the early deficit. The Wagner elf did what was not allowed to happen.

10 .: TOOOOOOOOR for Cologne!

Just whistled away a goal when Cologne made up for the omission. Bornauw climbs highest after a free kick from the left and heads into the far corner to lead FC. What a catastrophic start for Schalke.

7 .: Cordoba hits, but the cheers are short. Kainz had jumped over the ball at the end and had clearly irritated Nübel. A correct offside decision. The failure to score was preceded by a catastrophic buck by Jonjoe Kenny!

4 .: The game has just started, so Köns Schmitz has to be dealt with. He probably rattled with an opponent, now wearing a turban. But he’s brave and keeps going.

1st minute: Let’s go to the top game of match day 24.

6.20 p.m .: It starts in ten minutes. How is Schalke dealing with the new bad news? Is there a reaction to defiance? Or can FC continue its series and shoot the S04 even deeper into the mess?

6:01 p.m .: After the Saturday conference, there is only one topic left in football Germany: the insults against Hoffenheim patron Dietmar Hopp and how to deal with them. The situation escalated today in Hoffenheim and Dortmund. Everything here >> How do the fan scenes in Cologne and Schalke react the same way?

5:36 p.m .: The lineups are there!

Cologne: Horn – Ehizibue, Bornauw, Leistner, Schmitz – Skhiri, Hector – Kainz, Rexhbecaj, Jakobs – Cordoba
Bank: Krahl, Höger, Risse, Terodde, Schindler, Meré ,, Drexler, Modeste, Thielmann

Schalke: Nübel – Kenny, Kabak, Nastasic, Oczipka – Schöpf, McKennie, Boujellab – Harit – Raman, Gregoritsch
Bank: Schubert, Matondo, Kutucu, Burgstaller, Todibo, Beckler, Mercan

5:03 p.m .: And before the game, the S04 reach two other bad messages: Both Suat Serdar and Omar Mascarell are out for a short time. The next shock for Wagner and Schalke!

3.44 p.m .: A calf injury slows down Juan Miranda. “It will probably be canceled for 14 days,” explains Wagner. Another setback for the battered Schalke defense.

1:17 p.m .: “If you sit in the booth just before the kick-off, it doesn’t matter whether you won or lost the last game,” said S04 coach David Wagner, saying that the different shape curves have no influence on the morale of the players.

10:21 a.m .: Odd: With six goals, the defense lines of Cologne and Schalke are among the most dangerous of the current season. Above all, Schalke will envy FC Jhon Cordoba. Such a worn-out and accurate snapshot is what the royal blues miss again this season.

Saturday, 7.55 a.m .: Matchday! The next difficult task for Schalke today. In the form of strong Cologne, the Wagner team urgently needs a win at the same time – otherwise the good first half threatens to have been for the Katz.


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2:27 p.m .: Schalke absolutely needs three points in order not to lose ground in the fight for Europe. The upcoming tasks will definitely not be easier for Schalker. Schalke will have to face Hoffenheim next week. Then S04 is a guest at BVB.

11:56 a.m .: The people of Cologne are currently riding a wave of success. FC have won six out of their last eight games. Most recently there was an impressive 5-0 at Hertha BSC. With a victory against Schalke, the billy goats want to get more air in the relegation battle on Saturday.

10:38 a.m .: The fiercely competitive first leg between Schalke and Cologne ended 1-1. Serdar had put Schalke in the lead before Hector equalized in injury time.

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8.54 a.m .: Schalke is currently bubbling. Who would have thought that after this strong first half of the season? After five games without a win, Schalke still threatens to lose the Europa League. Board boss Clemens Tönnies has already raised the alarm this week. The royal blue should quickly find their way to success. “Otherwise our goals will be endangered,” said Tönnies.

Friday, February 28, 7:21 a.m .: Good morning and welcome to our live ticker for the match between 1. FC Köln and FC Schalke 04. Here we provide you with all information about the top game of the 24th Bundesliga match day.

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