Colman against Luisetto and Cortese: ‘They don’t believe in Lorenzoni’. ‘Tell us about healthcare and the disabled’

Chiara Luisetto and Luca Cortese under attack after the document of the secretariat of the Democratic Party of Nove, which explained to the citizens the split vote. The leaflet had already been discussed within the same party, as it was considered disrespectful to the center-left coalition leader Arturo Lorenzoni, suffering from Covid and who should be discharged from the hospital today. But to sink the blade was Piovene Rocchette’s Northern League candidate Maurizio Colman, who went down hard, accusing the two opponents of not believing in Lorenzoni and of having publicly confessed it with a message that they could have spared themselves.

‘Even the Democratic Party does not believe in the Lorenzoni candidate – declared Colman with his frank and often ruthless style – I had the opportunity to meet Arturo Lorenzoni, candidate for the PD for the presidency of the Veneto Region, on a television program. It saddens me to see him being stabbed in the back by his own candidates during a period marked by health problems. I believe that such a bleak operation demonstrates how the Democratic Party and its exponents are only hungry for visibility and power, we should not wish anyone. I wish to wish Professor Lorenzoni a speedy recovery and, if possible, the best comrades travel. “

It does not fit with the ‘insinuations’ of Colman Chiara Luisetto, who dissociated herself from the clumsy leaflet of the Democratic Party of Nove, explaining however that it was absolutely not intended to be a lack of respect towards Lorenzoni, but an attempt by the party secretary to illustrate to the citizens of the country of ceramics that there is something allowed by law, the separate vote. ‘It was not the intention of the writer to cloud the figure of our coalition leader, far from it. Until recently, I was on the phone with him, first of all worried about his health, which comes first. I reject Colman’s instrumental words because we are in good faith and we know perfectly well that there is a center-right electorate in Nove, to whom we wanted to explain the opportunity of the split vote, which many are unaware of.

After the controversy, the press release from the circle of the Democratic Party of Nove, which replied to Colman, was not long in coming.

‘We learn that our communication to the voters of the primary has been “interpreted” in an improper way and therefore disseminated and commented on by an instrumentally right-wing candidate from Vicenza. Our clear intent was to explain to Pd members and sympathizers who obviously support Arturo Lorenzoni and the Democratic Party a possibility given by the law that still creates confusion. So that those who belong to right-wing forces can vote in favor of the former mayor of Nove appreciated across the board for the excellent work done when he held that office, and beyond. We refrain from any comment on the baseness of certain statements and continue in the work of these months in support of Arturo Lorenzoni and our Pd candidates’

That’s not all, Chiara Luisetto wanted to play down with a joke that she wanted to address to Maurizio Colman: ‘Isn’t it that he is afraid that he will take away votes in the center right?’

‘Of course Maurizio Colman has really nerve to enter the electoral campaign so wrongly after 5 years of silence on the important issues of the Alto Vicentino. Transforming a communiqué in which he wanted to explain the possibility of a split vote in an attack on Lorenzoni is really of a low league and he himself could not afford it – is the declaration of the candidate Luca Cortese, also mayor of Sarcedo -. Perhaps he can deceive his Bassano voters, but he certainly cannot do it with the inhabitants of the Alto Vicentino who know him for trusting him and not having been defended while in the newspapers, the people he asks to be revoked denounced waiting lists for kilometers. , inefficiencies in the hospital of Santorso, where there are very serious problems, which cannot be attributed with intellectual dishonesty to deficient doctors. The staff does not deserve it and the citizens who are suffering from this situation do not deserve it, for which Colman has not lifted a finger, despite the media in his area having been talking about it for years. He who was the point of reference for the Alto Vicentino never spent a word, even just to make us all understand that he was working hard. Did you choose the line of silence on the important issues of the territory and then come out with the shot on Lorenzoni, exploiting words in a mean way? Are you so afraid of not making it and having disappointed your electorate? That he makes statements on issues for which he receives a staggering salary and not on gossip, which does not affect the quality of life of the citizens who maintain it with their taxes and which he has never represented and defended. Citizens, who are lacking public health, despite the fact that expenses are deducted from their wallets to maintain it. That he speaks with the same force of the choices made to the detriment of the Alto Vicentino, with citizens deprived of a sensationally downgraded healthcare. Tell us about the disabled and those families you have never taken care of, which you have never met and for which we do not remember you ever fought despite being seated in the armchairs next to those who govern and decide ‘.

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Here is the flyer of the controversy

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