Collection of Hoaxes Related to Masks During the Corona Covid-19 Virus Pandemic Fact Check finds information that claims to use face mask in a long time will result in hypoxia.

claims that using a mask for a long time will result in hypoxia uploaded by Dwi Astina Nurmansyah’s Facebook account, on September 23, 2020.

The account uploads a number of photos related to usage face mask, then given the following information:

“It’s not about safety. It’s about Control. Hyposxia is a condition of the body whose oxygen levels are too low, so that it is at risk of death.

Instead of being afraid that the virus will get hypoxia due to wearing a mask for too long which results in a lack of oxygen intake to the body and inhaling Co2

They succeeded in tricking many humans that human immunity was useless, and succeeded in influencing many humans that the only one who saved from the virus was a mask. Even though the fact in the field is that people who obey using masks have fallen and got sick and even died. Because an inaccurate test tool was finally claimed by Covid. In fact, scientists and pulmonary doctors prove that masks do not function to filter viruses and avoid disease. In fact, research results prove that masks can cause various diseases, one of which is hypoxia.

Be vigilant, don’t be paranoid. Smart must be, fooled the choice. “

Is it true that using a mask for a long time will result in hypoxia? See the Fact Check search in the article the following…


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