Collagen vs Biotin, Which is Best for Skin Health

KOMPAS.comCollagen and biotin said to be of benefit to skin health and hair.

Collagen is a protein and component in the body’s connective tissue. While biotin is a vitamin.

Both have an important role for health skin and hair, but often people confuse which one is the best.

Difference collagen with biotin

Keep in mind that collagen is a protein that helps form the extracellular matrix to give the skin its shape and structure.

Collagen can be produced by the body but the amount will decrease with age.

On the other hand, the collagen in the skin also breaks down faster than the body can produce.

This can cause the skin to lose elasticity and firmness, thinning, wrinkling, and slowing down the wound healing process.

Unlike collagen, biotin as a B vitamin cannot be produced by the body.

Therefore, we are advised to take biotin through food or supplements in order to get this nutrient.

This is important because biotin helps enzymes metabolize glucose, fatty acids, and amino acids that make up protein.

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