Collagen Supplements Help Overcome the Risk of Premature Aging

Jakarta, – Signs premature aging, such as the appearance of wrinkles on the skin, dark spots, loss of elasticity in the skin, hair loss, etc., it can be noticed from a young age. Primarily, this can be caused by loss collagen on the body. Not only that, but collagen loss can also affect the strength of bones, joints, and more.

In general, collagen levels in the body decrease by 1.5 percent annually starting at age 25. Factors such as diet, smoking, alcohol consumption, and sun exposure also contribute to reduced collagen.

This of course can be prevented by providing extra care to the body as we get older. For example, such as using skincare to care for skin.

Roove’s Director, Ahmad Dzaky Hanif, said one way to treat from within is by consuming supplement collagen to maintain and increase the amount of collagen in the body.

“In a journal by Gabriel Aguirre-Cruz in the International Peer Reviewed Open Access Journal MDPI Antioxidants it says, collagen taken orally will improve skin properties, such as skin elasticity and moisture. Collagen is also categorized as a material that is safe to use for the skin, ”said Ahmad in Jakarta, Sunday (18/10/2020).

According to Ahmad, choosing collagen supplements must also be careful. Apart from having to guarantee its safety, such as being registered with the Food and Drug Supervisory Agency (BPOM) and certified halal by MUI, users must also know whether the collagen supplement product can meet the body’s needs or not.

“The reason is, the amount of content stated in the composition of the supplement intake can be completely absorbed by the body. There are many collagen supplements with large collagen particles, making it more difficult for the body to absorb,” he explained.

Ahmad explained, fish collagen tripeptide is a collagen technology derived from fish with particles smaller than collagen in general (hydrolyzed collagen), so that these collagen particles are more easily absorbed by the body. The content of this Fish CTP is also used by collagen supplements from Roove.

“In every package sachet, Roove’s collagen supplement contains 2,500 mg fish collagen tripeptide, the amount is sufficient so that the particles in the collagen can be completely absorbed by the body, so it’s not in vain to take collagen supplements, “he added.

In addition, continued Ahmad, collagen supplements from Roove also contain wild blueberry extract which has the highest antioxidant content. Add more, wild blueberry extract has a high ORAC content or antioxidant potential, amounting to 9,621mol TE / 100 gr. “Thus, the risk of antioxidants in the body being oxidized by free radicals is getting smaller,” he said.

Ahmad added that the sweetener used in this collagen supplement is a natural sweetener for stevia, as a natural low-calorie sweetener to replace sugar. Roove also contains glutathione consisting of cysteine, glycine, and glutamine which is useful as a master antioxidant in the body.

“This content is also very necessary for the body, especially when someone has passed the age of 20 because of production glutathione in the body will decrease with age, “he concluded.




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