Collado threatens six months in the stands

After the failed loan to Club Bruges and Sheffield United, Alex Collado could no longer be registered for FC Barcelona. The midfielder is now threatened with a half-year in the stands – if it does not come to a surprising return.

It was an eventful summer of transfers, not only at FC Barcelona, ​​but also for Alex Collado. After the former Barça B captain was promoted to the first team in the summer, a loan deal was actually planned, everything seemed to be clear with Club Brugge before it failed shortly before the end. It seemed like Collado would get a place at FC Barcelona after all, due to the departure of Lionel Messi.

But coach Ronald Koeman quickly made it clear that he saw it differently, as he did not nominate the 22-year-old for any of Barça’s three league games. A loan seemed to be the best for Collado after all, but nothing happened until Deadline Day. Then suddenly a one-year loan deal to Sheffield United seemed as good as perfect, everyone agreed – but when the transfer window closed at midnight, Collado was still a Barcelona player.

Collado’s move to Sheffield failed at the last second

The Catalan daily newspaper Sports world now brings light into the darkness of the failed change. Accordingly, both FC Barcelona and Collado have filled out all the necessary documents and sent them to England. However, the player also had to sign the Sheffield papers, but that did not happen.

“Sheffield United blamed Agent Collados,” writes the MD. “The English state that it was the agent himself who dragged out the proceedings, put obstacles in the way and discussed parts of a contract that had already been signed in Barcelona.” This meant that the necessary documents could not be submitted to the league on time.

Is Collado returning to Barça B?

Since it was already after midnight, Barça Collado could no longer register for the first team. Thus, the midfielder is under contract with FC Barcelona, ​​but is currently not eligible to play for any of the teams there.

The Catalans now have two options if Collado is not to watch from the stands for the next six months: Either there is a loan deal with a club in whose country the transfer window is still open – such as in Russia or Turkey – or Collado returns to Barça B. Barça’s legal department is currently investigating whether the latter is an option at all. Barça B has also published its squad for the season, including shirt numbers.

Until then, Collado won’t be left with anything other than a grandstand seat – after all, he already knows it from his first La Liga games.



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