Colin Firth signs for zombie movie in NYC

New York Will Eat You Alive sera réalisé par Todd Strauss-Schulson (Scream Girls).

A zombie movie with Colin Firth, you like? The star ofPride and Prejudice and Bridget Jones, who had already broken his image as a great romantic with action comedies Kingsman, by Matthew Vaughn, just signed for New York Will Eat You Alive, the adaptation of Chinese comics by Jia Haibo published online since 2014 under the title Shi Xiong/Zombie Brother. Deadline, which reveals the info, specifies that this project will be written by Alex Rubens (Keanu), Dan Gregor | (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend) and Doug Mand (Dr Dolittle), co-produced by Channing Tatum, and produced by Todd Strauss-Schulson (Scream Girls).

Zombie Brother tells the story of Bai, who teams up with Fatty and Beck in an attempt to survive an apocalyptic situation in New York City. The source specifies that the comics have 28 billion views on the specialized Chinese site Tencent Animation and Comics, and the animated series, which was created in parallel in stop motion and has about forty episodes, 3.7 billion, despite a ban for under 17s.


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