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Monday 03 October 2022 21:28


The municipal president of Colima, Margarita Moreno, invited the population to raise awareness on this issue, in which a survey of opportunities can save the lives of women

With the aim of raising awareness among the population on the importance of prevention and timely detection of breast cancer, the president of Colima, Margarita Moreno, turned on the pink lights of the Town Hall, which adds to the activities that the city council of the capital celebrates the International Day of the Fight against Breast Cancer, which is commemorated every October 19th.

Margarita Moreno highlighted the importance of collaborating to diagnose this disease in time, which in our country represents the first cause of death in women, for which the various areas of the Municipality of Colima and the Municipal DIF will work for the whole month. di Colima promote reflection on this issue, starting from a preventive approach.

“We must continue to join efforts to prevent and detect breast cancer early, which unfortunately kills many women in our country. In Colima we know that there is a culture of prevention, but it is still not enough and we want, from the Municipality, to awaken and motivate that awareness of the importance of early diagnosis.

In the morning, as part of the monthly civic ceremony, responsible for the direction of the Municipal Public Services, the president invited the workers of the Municipality of Colima to motivate women in their homes to carry out preventive studies, as well as replicate the ban on the campaigns that are carried out to reach more women in the municipality.

“At the table, not only the body is nourished, but also the soul. I am convinced that with this support we will be able to support many families and women, the Pink Table is a project that excites me because at the table we can have good times “.

Likewise, he invited Colima residents to participate in the Mesa Rosa campaign which, together with the catering sector and solidarity doctors, will help women in vulnerable situations so that they can undergo free mammograms with what is collected in this campaign. action, in which a percentage of consumption will be assigned for this purpose at each table in the participating restaurants.

A few days after her first year in office, the president said that the Colima City Council continues to take decisive steps, to work to offer public services, rehabilitate public spaces, build public works where it is most needed, provide quality care to who come for a procedure and consolidate a Human Colima.




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