Cold War Sirens Wailing Again Across France, What’s Up?


Cold War warning sirens sounded again across France. This is the reason behind the ignition of the tool.

CNN reported, when the siren went off at lunch time last Wednesday. The streets of Paris were bustling with tourists, terraces lined with tables, as the sound of air raid sirens filled the air.

His roar was heard throughout the city for almost two minutes. It peaked at noon before disappearing.

This is a strange occurrence. But what was even stranger was that apart from a few confused tourists, no one seemed to notice.

In France, on the first Wednesday of every month, sirens, originally thought to be a memorial to the Cold War bombings, are already starting to break down in some 2,000 towns and villages across the country.

The siren is now a warning for natural disasters. As war rages on in eastern Europe, French authorities have issued a statement declaring the ignition as a drill in 1 minute 41 seconds.

“Obviously if there’s a war we’ll see it on the news or something,” said Ali Karali, a tourist from London, as he heard the sirens of the month outside Paris’s Notre Dame.

“I think it might be important, but if it is, people don’t seem to care,” he said.

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