Cold, how to catch it in the early stages… Timing, treatment by symptom

From the moment you suspect cold symptoms to the next day, you can catch a cold in the early stages with smart coping methods by symptom by time zone. [사진=클립아트코리아]

If your body is cold and your throat is dry and your head is heavy, it is often the first symptom of a ‘cold’. According to related studies, adults get an average of 3 colds per year and each time for 9 days. Everyone catches a cold, but catch a cold early to get better quickly. From the moment you suspect cold symptoms to the next day, we introduce smart coping methods for each symptom by time zone.


Step1 When you suspect cold symptoms

Drink plenty of water and tea

It is effective to first drink enough water or tea in the stage where cold symptoms are suspected. According to experts, drinking enough water Relief of sore throat or stuffy noseIt can be.

Gargling with Salt Water

To reduce a sore throat, gargle half a teaspoon of salt in a glass of warm water. Salt removes excess water from the throat tissues, reduces inflammation, and flushes mucus and skin irritants from the back of the throat. Gargling with salt water also flushes out bacteria and viruses. Because it gives, it is helpful not only for those who have a cold, but also for those who want to prevent a cold.

clearing the nose

Many studies have shown that spraying salt water into the nostrils immediately after the onset of cold symptoms can relieve symptoms. And a hot shower also helps. The hot moisture clears the nostrilsbecause it helps

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Step2 Within 2 hours of first onset

Go to the pharmacy and take cold medicine

To stop the soreness of the body Pain relievers such as acetaminophenIt is good to eat Over-the-counter allergy suppressants can help with runny or watery eyes. Allergy medications that contain decongestants can help clear out the sinuses, which are the caves on the sides of the nose. This will prevent the headache symptoms.

eating honey

Honey is as effective as cough medicine. If you eat a spoonful or two of honey, or drink it with honey tea, you can see the effect of a cold.

Step3 for the next 6 hours

work break if possible

Getting enough rest allows your body to fight the virus better. You should also stay away from your office colleagues as much as possible. coiled The first few days are the most contagiousbecause it wins To avoid spreading the virus, you should wash your hands often and use an alcohol-based disinfecting gel.

Continue to drink liquid types such as water, tea, and juice

Continuing to drink plenty of water, tea, or juice can also help relieve cold symptoms. Also, eating a lot of warm soup at mealtime is also helpful. Warm soup is effective not only for rejuvenation, but also for colds by drinking enough water.

Do only ‘light’ exercises

Light exercise can actually boost your immune system. However, you should only do ‘light’ exercises. heart rate below 100You have to exercise while maintaining it. Vigorous exercise that causes a lot of sweating can actually make cold symptoms worse.

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Step4 in the evening

last chance to fight cold

Eating a healthy meal in the evening can boost your immunity. for dinner Protein, such as lean meats, fish, and beanswith this rich food Brown rice, vegetables high in antioxidantsIt is good to eat. If you still have a stuffy nose and headache, take a quick hot shower before going to bed and get a good night’s sleep.

Step5 next day

Check the condition and deal with it

If you feel worse, have a fever, throw up, or have a headache that gets worse, you should seek medical attention. These symptoms are not common cold Signs You Have Influenza or Other Infectionsbecause it wins If so, you may need antivirals, antibiotics, or other treatment.

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