Cold chain: A benchmark adapted to the health crisis is emerging

A frame of reference concerning the additional preventive measures to be adopted at the level of refrigeration units has been developed as part of the strengthening of precautionary measures at the level of units using the cold chain, announced Sunday a joint press release from the Ministries of the Interior, Agriculture, sea fishing, rural development and water and forests and Industry, trade and the green and digital economy.

The publication of this standard comes within the framework of the coordination of the work of these Departments, by virtue of the health prevention measures accompanying the second stage of the gradual lifting of confinement, and having regard to the multiple uses of cold, particularly in this period of the year, at the level of the various production and storage chains of food products, as well as the market supply chain, indicates the press release.

In addition to the general preventive measures previously published, the three Departments invite all professionals in the food industry, fresh produce storage units and municipalities with refrigeration units, to integrate the content of this standard in the Covid-19 management protocol specific to the workplace. As such, the three ministries recommend the integration of this reference system and its adoption at the level of the specific protocol for the management of infections in the workplace, previously adopted as a mechanism for daily monitoring of production, conservation and storage units. . In addition, affected units are required to subject their workers and staff to Covid-19 testing on a large scale and to continuous monitoring, carrying out sample testing on a regular basis, while continuously committing to the application strict of all the other prevention measures previously published, concludes the press release.

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