Coffee or mate, remedy to holiday excesses according to American researchers

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chestnut turkey, foie gras toast and overly sweet desserts,
many have accumulated the excesses for Christmas. And it’s not over
since New Years Eve is fast approaching. So to limit the
effects of this overflow of food, American researchers have found a
solution: coffee and mate.

According to one
scientific study by the University of Illinois, carried out on rodents, and
published in the Journal of Functional Foods, drink four cups of coffee
or mate a day would help eliminate the excesses of the holidays
. And so
general, the negative effects of a diet too high in fat,
sugar and fat.

It’s here caffeine contained in these drinks which would, according to these researchers,
reduce up to 41% the accumulation of lipids in fat cells. And
therefore, drinking coffee or mate would help better weight control and
would also limit the production of triglycerides

Indeed, at
during the study, the rodents who had consumed caffeine under this
form had up to 16% less weight as well as 22% fat deposits
than other subjects who had been on a decaffeinated diet.

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