Coffee Can Help Maintain Eye Health – Coffee commonly known as focus and concentration enhancing intake. But the benefits of coffee are actually wider because it can nourish the eyes.

Launching the official website of the United States Optometry Association (AOA) shows that coffee is beneficial for eye health. In this case a study from Cornell University found it has a positive effect on eye health.

Research published in Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry found that the main ingredient in raw coffee, chlorogenic acid or CLA, protects against deteriorating eyesight. This content can also reduce the risk of possible blindness due to retinal degeneration due to glaucoma, aging, and diabetes.

In this study, the researchers treated mice eyes with nitric oxide, which creates oxidative stress and free radicals that cause retinal degeneration. However, the eyes of the CLA-treated mice had no retinal damage.

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The scientists involved in the study believe that the next step is to determine whether drinking coffee facilitates CLA across the blood retinal barrier membrane.

“Optometrists have a duty to inform their patients about proper nutrition and how it can affect their overall visual health,” said Robert Bittel, OD, chair of the AOA Health Promotion Committee.

“We have realized the importance and value of proper nutrition in overall good health in particular good eye health,” said Dr. Bittel.

Coffee illustration. (Doc: Special)

Despite its benefits, Dr. Bittel emphasized that to be careful in consuming coffee. This is because this study still needs further research.

“As with other studies that have identified food as therapeutic in some ways, care must be taken so that the public understands the negative and positive effects of drinking coffee,” said Dr. Bittel.

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