Coen Swijnenberg candid about burnout: “I really wanted to get away from everything”

In the week that Coen Swijnenberg and Sander Lantinga exactly sixteen years forming a radio duo, Coen also looks back on a difficult period: the 538 jock was out of circulation for six months due to a burnout. “If you go so badly at a certain point, you don’t want to have anything to do with anyone or anything. Then you really want that distance, especially with work. How nice and great that work is, ”says Coen on the site.

It was rumored that Coen and Sander had no contact with each other during the time that Coen sick at home. “That is not true,” says Sander. “I left Coen. Although we are friends, I am also a reflection of the work. Let me put it this way: I left the initiative with Coen. We did have app contact and I also went to his house two or three times. ”

Felt heat

Seeking too much contact does not work, says Sander. “I didn’t chat every two days: how are you now? Because I know from my own experience that this can only be experienced as annoying. When I ask: how are you doing, he may also think that I am acting from a kind of radio interest. ”

Coen agrees. “From work I have always had the feeling that they were there for me when I needed something. I felt that warmth, even though we may not have daily contact. ”

The 538 jock was home sick from early November to mid-May. The return to the radio was very exciting. “It all feels very uncomfortable. It also takes some getting used to sitting behind the buttons and sitting in front of the microphone again ”, said Coen earlier.

Photo: Radio 538

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