COE orders to strengthen control of vaccination certificate

During the Battle of Pichincha holiday, several visitors to the domes of the Cathedral Church preferred to wear a mask on the tour. Photo: Twitter Quito Control Agents

The Emergency Operations Committee (COE) National analyzed this Wednesday, May 25, 2022, the epidemiological situation of covid-19 in the Ecuadorthe balance of tourist activity during the holiday for the Battle of Pichincha and detailed the new measures taken.

This Wednesday’s meeting was from the crisis room of the ECU 911 Quito and participated John Zapatapresident of the National COE; Ximena Garzon, Minister of Health; Y Niels Olsen, Tourism Minister.

The authorities detailed that random operations will begin to control the vaccination certificate in non-essential activities, as well as it is recommended to continue with the immunization against the coronavirus.

In Ecuador, since last April 28, the mandatory use of masks in open spaces, while it is optional and recommended in closed areas, such as schools. In addition, since last May 17 the chief executive, Guillermo Lasso, assured that the country returned to normality, despite the pandemic; fact achieved by investment in vaccines.

Epidemiological situation in Ecuador

Minister Garzón indicated that there are no patients in intermediate care and regarding the epidemiological curve of covid-19 indicated that there is an increase of 500 cases nationwide, due to the non-use of masks, but that with the vaccine shield they are not aggravated cases.

“These are expected figures, we are stabilizing ourselves in the endemic indicators” and “we will stay that way if we continue to vaccinate ourselves,” he insisted.

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He explained that in Guayas they increased 70 cases and in Pichincha 100 cases, “figures that are not statistically significant.” He also pointed out that cases of people killed by covid have not increased, it remains at one per week.

On immunization He stated that communication plans and surveys have been carried out to motivate citizens. “Although the table for the first and second vaccine in Ecuadorians is almost complete, the drop in opting for booster vaccines is due to the fact that several people have been infected at the beginning of the year and must wait five months,” he said.

In relation to the monkeypox, He expressed that the WHO requested that alerts be generated in all countries not because of its dangerousness in transmissibility but to keep the epidemiological fences active. “It does not exist in the country, there is no case, we are acting preventively.”

Controls to verify possession of vaccination certificates

The president of the COE He stated that it has been assigned through the intendancies to execute the vaccination certificate checks in the different spaces and non-essential activities of the country. In order to “promote vaccinations,” he said.

The operations will be random and the sanction will fall on the owner of the venue or organizer of the massive event. Until now, citizens are required to have the card and the two minimum doses of vaccination.

Tourism figures

The Minister of Tourism pointed out that increased air frequencies nationally compared to pre-pandemic service. Regarding the holiday, he explained that it has been reactivated with an increase in tourist operating expenses and has exceeded 2019 with USD 38 million.

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The provinces with the highest occupancy during the May 24 holiday were Santa Elena, Tungurahua and Cotopaxi. The tourists who mostly arrive in Ecuador continue to be those from the United States.

He added that the objective of his state portfolio is “to reach 1.5 million visits in the country by 2024, to match the pre-pandemic figures.”

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