Codigoro, in the gym without being professionals: fined

Empty gym at the time of Covid-19 (photo archive)

Fine eight people at the headquarters of the amateur association “Area 51 Fitness & Bodybuilding”

CODIGORO. Seven athletes were training in the gymnasium, which is also the seat of the amateur association “Area 51 Fitness & Bodybuilding” in Codigoro. But they could not do it, despite the gym owner’s explanations, who had indicated that they were training sessions for competitive competitions of national interest. For this reason, the carabinieri who controlled the gym decided to close it as they ascertained the non-existence of national competitions. The check dates back to 11 January, when the Codigoro carabinieri entered the gym.

The owner had reported that the people present were professional athletes present for training in view of recognized competitions of national “preeminent interest” and therefore authorized to attend and use the facility. The military, not convinced by the explanations, first identified all those present, then acquired a copy of the badges and checked at the Coni, discovering that even if the gym was regularly registered in the Coni National Register, the competitive event for which the athletes were training it was not among those received by the National Olympic Committee and published on its institutional website, therefore they were not entitled to this activity. Thus, after the verifications, today (January 19) the Carabinieri of Codigoro triggered the protest, sanction of the anti Covid violation against the owner of the gym, applying the suspension of activities for five days. Sanctions also for the seven athletes, for having violated the ban on moving, without reason, from the municipality of residence.


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