Codérail Sounds Alarm on Deteriorating Rail Service in Montluçon and Val de Cher Region

Tireless and determined, the members of Codérail (Committee for the defense and development of rail in the Montluçon and Val de Cher region) are once again sounding the alarm.

The rail situation in Montluçon is as serious as that of the hospital and that of the school.

daniel coffin (Coderail Secretary)

In a letter addressed to the elected representatives of the Montluçon basin, the committee denounces the inexorable deterioration of the rail service to the city on the banks of the Cher and is concerned about the duration of the works which will begin on June 26 on the line between Bourges and Montluçon. .

“Fifteen months of total interruption, that seems completely abnormal to us”, gets carried away Christian Penain, president of Codérail. “It’s not about complaining because the work is necessary, but it’s far too long. »

Daniel Coffin, secretary of Coderail

Inexhaustible, Daniel Coffin attacks “private companies which, because they are not numerous to be able to intervene on this type of site, insist with the SNCF to close the line, thus preventing all traffic”. And don’t talk to him about substitute buses: “People prefer to drive to Vierzon to take the train,” he says.

Service minimum

Beyond the inconvenience caused, the members of Codérail also criticize the SNCF for only carrying out maintenance work “not allowing real modernization of the line to be carried out. Proof of this is the lack of ambition to develop rail transport in our territory”.

From Montluçon

A lack of ambition that saddens Daniel Coffin: “Montluçon is in the center of France, close to everyone and at the same time, we are far from everyone because we cannot maintain a normal rail network. . Realize, Montluçon has no direct connection to go to Lyon, the regional capital. »

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Work planned for 2023 and 2024 on the SNCF line between Bourges and Montluçon

A daily headache for travelers who have taken the train option. “When you’re in Montluçon and you want to go far by train, it’s a hassle”, summarizes Daniel Coffin who also says he is concerned about the impact of such a situation on the economic life of the basin.

We know today that certain companies which have established themselves in the Montluçonnaise agglomeration would perhaps not have done so if they had been able to imagine what would happen to the rail network.

daniel coffin (Coderail Secretary)

Christian Penain puts forward another argument to try to convince those who have the fate of the rail network in their hands: “At a time when we are talking about energy transition to fight against global warming, everyone considers that the train has a card to play… provided you give it the means. »

To prevent the rail network of the Montluçon basin from turning into a desert, the Codérail has decided to challenge elected officials (mayors, deputy, regional councilors) to move the lines. The members of the committee hope in particular to convince them to participate in a public meeting soon because “it is impossible to imagine our network in complete decline in the years to come”.

Martial Delecluse

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