Code yellow throughout Bulgaria! Snow falls for hours

Tomorrow will be cloudy and rainy. A yellow code was announced almost throughout the country for dangerous precipitation and in some places for strong winds. Meteorologists have issued a code orange for Kardzhali, Haskovo and Smolyan districts, BTA reported.

Precipitation will be significant in places in western and central Bulgaria. Thunderstorms are also possible in the central regions of southern Bulgaria. A moderate to strong south-southeasterly wind will continue to blow over eastern Bulgaria. After noon in the western half of the country the wind will shift to the northwest; it will be moderate to strong and cold air will enter. In the evening, in cool weather, in the high grasslands of western Bulgaria and the western part of the Pre-Balkans, the rain will mix and turn into snow. The maximum temperatures will be within wide limits: from 4°-5° in western Bulgaria to 12°-13° in the eastern half of the country, in Sofia around 5°.

It will also be cloudy over the Black Sea around and after midday with rain showers. A moderate to strong south-southeasterly wind will blow. The maximum temperatures will be 11°-12°. The sea water temperature is 9°-10°.

Sea excitement will be 3-4 points.

In the mountains it will be cloudy with snowfall, below 800-1000 meters of rain. A strong and stormy wind will blow from the southwest, which after noon on the massifs of the western half of the country will weaken and move from the northwest. The maximum temperature at an altitude of 1200 meters will be about 4°, at 2000 meters – about minus 2°.

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Cloud cover over much of the country will remain significant on Wednesday. There will still be precipitation, predominantly from rain and more in quantity in the eastern half, but it will also rain in some places in western Bulgaria, and in the Pre-Balkans and upper valley fields the rain will temporarily mix with the snow.

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