Code Veronica deserved to be a more numbered chapter than Resident Evil 3, for Shinji Mikami

In a nice interview granted to the YouTube channel Archipelago, Shinji Mikami, among the fathers of the survival horror genre and the series Resident Evil, told some background on the franchise and his vision regarding the spin-off Code Veronica.

As has long been known, Resident Evil 3 it was originally designed as a far less ambitious spin-off than the saga’s main strand.

“The company, however, he asked us to make it a numbered title. So we had to change it so that it could satisfy the players, and that was difficult “, explained Mikami, now in Tango Gameworks (The Evil Within).

“In the end, it’s a numbered title in the series Resident Evil but the quality is a little lower. Instead, Resident Evil Code: Veronica, which is not a numbered title is a game that deserved more than being a numbered one.

It ended up not being for political reasons between Capcom and the company that produced the console».

Resident Evil Code: Veronica it was launched exclusively on time Dreamcast in 2000, and probably, as Mikami alludes, in the agreements between the Japanese label and SEGA it was established that it would be exclusive but not for a chapter of the main series.

Until then, Resident Evil it had been the exclusive preserve of PlayStation on consoles and presumably Capcom didn’t want to spoil its relationship with Sony.

The third installment of the franchise was recently redone for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, and curiously did not argue less of the original.

The fourth, which could have been the third if Mikami’s wishes had been respected, will pass by a similar process – it seems – in 2022.

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