Codacons wants to denounce Fedez for instigating a crime

The Codacons has decided to intervene in defense of Eleonora Daniele after the presenter said she was bullied following the stories of Fedez. Daniele during today’s episode of his program made his apologies to Chiara Ferragni and has underlined how the outburst of her husband unleashed awave of criticism. The president of Codacons, Carlo Rienzi, explains toAdnkronos how this situation is for him unacceptable:

At Fedez we witnessed once again an unprecedented sexist violence, which was paid for by a presenter guilty of expressing a veiled criticism of Chiara Ferragni. The violence against anyone who criticizes the Ferragnez they must end once and for all. It is unthinkable that those who express legitimate opinions are blackmailed by Fedez through stories on Instagram and posts that generate bullying and unjustifiable attacks. It is sad that on the web violence is so frequent, and I believe that it is necessary to establish rules even with the law to prevent and prevent it. We are evaluating if Eleonora Daniele agrees and gives us the ok, because of course the person concerned must agree, we proceed with a new complaint for instigation to commit a crime.

Codacons again against the Fedez

The Codacons have lined up on the side of Eleonora Daniele in the controversy against the Ferragnez, accusing Fedez of inciting his followers to bully. Here are the words with which the rapper had expressed himself towards the presenter:

A journalist who comes directly from Big Brother, with inquisitive tone dare to say my wife should have done more. […] What did you do during this pandemic given that he allows himself to investigate the behavior of people who do not hold a public role?

[…] Congratulations to Rai, congratulations to everyone. I hope that what I have said will be shown on TV and that it will respond on the merits.

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