Coca-Cola to capitalize on the SuperBowl to launch its new drink, Coca-Cola Energy

The group’s biggest innovation of 2020 Coca Cola will benefit from a visibility of 60 seconds during the global advertising meeting of the year, the SuperBowl, and this accompanied by a duo of Hollywood stars.

Producer and screenwriter, multi-Oscar winner, Martin Scorsese and producer / director / actor Jonah Hill the two share the “Up” poster promoting the all-new Coca-Cola Energy. This ad illustrates the traditional and unfortunately all-too-well-known dilemma faced by many people, namely finding the energy to go to an appointment or sitting comfortably on their couch. To illustrate this, the advertisement highlights the famous three little dots (…) internationally recognized today with the advent of the iPhone and instant messaging services.

“Our goal is to bring energy – literally or illustrated – to the Grand Match” said Jaideep Kibe, Vice President, in charge of the Coca-Cola brand, at Coca-Cola North America. ” We have identified this opportunity to work and increase awareness of the first energy drink through an entertaining story around friendship, which most of our consumers can relate to. Entering a new category is a bold decision for Coca, so it was natural to speak up with as much audacity with an advertising creation during the Grand Match. “

“When we started to think about the casting, the first name we had put on a sheet was that of Jonah”said Geoff Cottrill, Senior Vice-President, strategic marketing, Coca-Cola North America. “Jonah is a modern Renaissance man, his personality and what he represents makes him the ideal candidate for Coke Energy. And when we asked him who he saw himself playing in “Show Up”, he immediately gave the name of his friend, Martin Scorsese. We couldn’t have had Martin without Jonah, and his presence greatly enhances the whole story we wanted to tell. We couldn’t be happier and more satisfied with the end result. “

“Show Up”, which will be broadcast during the second quarter of the match broadcast on the evening of February 2, was created by the agency Wieden + Kennedy (Portland) and starts a series of activations of the brand to publicize his new product. And these activations will start on Monday morning since Coca-Cola has decided to partner with Amazon to give a little boost to tired Americans on one of the slowest mornings in 2020.

Indeed, research has shown that the Monday after SuperBowl is the Monday with the highest rate of absenteeism at work since no less than 11% of working Americans declare themselves sick after spending a long night watching the game and taking this opportunity to gather with friends. Therefore, This Monday, February 3, Coca-Cola and Amazon will distribute free samples of Coca-Cola Energy across the country. New York workers will have the opportunity to collect their sample at the Amazon Alexa Coca-Cola Energy Wall at the Grand Central Terminal (the famous New York station). In addition, Amazon trucks will travel to 29 cities in the United States to distribute this new product to local populations.

For those who cannot (or will not) move, it will always be possible to receive these sample cans since Amazon and Coca-Cola have created a simple voice command, which will work with Amazon Alexa devices, saying the following sentence: Alexa, order Coca-Cola Energy.

“This activation will be our largest sampling operation ever. “ said Cottrill. “We are confident that once a consumer tries Coca-Cola Energy, they will be convinced. “

In any case, Coca-Cola has clearly put the means in order to contribute to the development and democratization of the energy drink market in the United States and thus obtain additional market shares and therefore develop its turnover by offering “l energy consumers want, with the taste of Coca-Cola they love. “Said Jaideep Kibe, Vice President of the Coca-Cola brand for Coca-Cola North America.




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