Coastguard has rudderless container ship in tow near Vlieland

The Dutch Coast Guard noticed unexpected movements of a ship last night around 9 p.m. It concerns container ship Escape, which is 168 meters long and sails under the Dutch flag.

Rudder is stuck

The Coast Guard then contacted the skipper, who reported that the rudder was stuck. The Coast Guard is now on site with its own large ship called Guardian to help. The intention is to tow the ship to Rotterdam, where the rudder can be checked.

According to a spokesman for the Coast Guard, the container ship’s engine is still working. Earlier in the evening it drifted towards the Wadden Island. There are fourteen people on board.

The Escape was en route from Rotterdam via the route above the Wadden Islands to Helsinki in Finland.

High waves

According to Friesland broadcaster Ships taking the southern sailing route above the islands had already been warned by the Wadden Association against strong winds and high waves. The wave height on the North Sea north of the Wadden is currently 4.7 meters.

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