CNS reports that Ukrainian citizens who refuse Russian passports are being tortured by occupants in Kherson region.

In the occupied territories of the Kherson region, Russian invaders use threats and exemplary punishments against people who refuse to receive Russian passports.

Source: Center of National Resistance

Literally: “The local population of the temporarily occupied territories continues to resist forced passportization. The pace of issuing Russian passports is too slow, which is why the occupation administrations receive systemic reprimands from the Kremlin curators.

In the settlements of the temporarily occupied Kherson region, Russians mock the civilian population. For refusal of the passport they threaten “pit”. Repeatedly, the invaders carried out demonstrative punishments – they put bags on men and threw them into the trenches.

Details: The CNS also reported that in Genichesk, the invaders subjected citizens with pro-Ukrainian views and those who did not want to comply with the requirements of the local occupying so-called authorities to severe torture.

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