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After the departure of Joel Deleon, CNCO has started a new stage in its career releasing new songs and experimenting with new sounds. About this change of era (and trend), the possible collaborations that are coming and what they feel for their former partner, the boys of the Latin band have spoken in LOS40 Global Show.

the wrong one

Erick: “It’s our most recent single. It’s been a while since we released a heartbreak song and it’s a song that we had saved for a year. We released it and it’s really cool. It has had incredible support on Youtube“.

Christopher: “It was a bet that they presented to us and from the first moment we knew that it was going to be a very beautiful song, we visualized it for ourselvesyes When we recorded it we made it ours. And the video clip was the fastest we’ve done. It flowed very quickly and we are very happy with the reception it is receiving.”

The new sound of CNCO

Zabdiel: “Now in music, more than ever, people are looking to experiment with different sounds and different vibes. Con the wrong one we tried to do that, to get out of what we had been doingwhich was the dembow, and do something more experimental”.

Live in Spain

Erick: “I’ve always said that at some point I’d like to live in Spain, buy an apartment and stay here for a little while.”

Zabdiel: “I really like everything: the streets, the food… The other day we went to eat at a restaurant and I left full. I really like the Iberian ham and bread with tomato. I also have scrambled eggs and bravas”.

Spanish talent

Erick: “Ester Expósito has always caught my attention from Spain. Also Pol Granch“.

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Christopher: “We already have a song with Ana Mena, but we would like to do a second collaboration with her”.

Current relationship with Joel

Zabdiel: “The dynamic has changed, especially on stage. We have had to adjust the positions because we were used to being five, but we are in a very cool stage. We are connected in a different way and we are reinventing ourselves. And the relationship with Joel very well. We entered the industry together and we will be brothers for life“.

acting debut

Christopher: “We have recorded a miniseries called Forever It’s going to be on the Disney Channel. We are very excited because we have been looking for this opportunity for a very long time. It was our first acting experience and, for the first time, we did very well“.

If you want to see CNCO’s full interview at LOS40 Global Show…¡dale al play!

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