Business Clues remain in the red at mid-session

Clues remain in the red at mid-session


A 12h20, les indices MASI and MADEX were taking 0.24% at 10,194 points and 0.25% at 8,275 points, in respective order.

The FTSE CSE Morocco 15, he took 0.34% at 9.068 points.

The overall volume traded hovered around 18 millions of DH, largely drained by Cosumar (7,71 MDH).

Biggest increases

Attijariwafa Bank appreciated by 0.46% to 352.7 DH following the exchange of 3,601,028 shares. It was the most significant increase at that time.

Biggest drops

Cosumar lost 0.05% to 2,012 DH after the exchange of 7,719,435 shares. Microdata lost 1.5% to 515 DH after the exchange of 1,866,335 shares. Maroc Telecom lost 0.51% to 136.75DH after the exchange of 1,118,054 shares.

* Upward and downward variations are classified in terms of volumes traded, from the largest volume to the least significant.


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