Sport Clubs disagree with federal directives on end of season

Clubs disagree with federal directives on end of season


Dakar, July 9 (APS) – Executives from Teungueth FC (Ligue 1) and Linguère de Saint-Louis (Ligue 2), championship leaders at the end of the first leg, said they disagreed with the decision of the Senegalese Football Federation not to award a title this season and not to allow any promotion within the elite for 2019-2020.

In an interview with Radio Futures Media (RFM, private), Badou Dia, the secretary general of Teungueth FC, considers it paradoxical the designation of his team as the representative of Senegal in the Champions League even though it has not been declared champion .

He announced that Teungueth FC will hold a meeting on this question “this weekend and a press point will be organized thereafter”, meetings to allow the officials of the Rufisquois club to reconsider these decisions.

At the end of the first leg (13 days), Teungueth FC occupied the head of Ligue 1 football with 33 points, 12 more than Jaraaf, 2 nd, who had 21.

The Linguère de Saint-Louis, meanwhile, is waiting to be officially contacted by the FSF to notify it of its decision, said Rahmane Mbaye, SG of the club Saint-Louis, leader of League 2 at the end of the first leg with 28 points.

But he adds that from a personal point of view, he finds that the FSF’s decision not to authorize a rise to the League next season has “no legal basis”, not to mention that it is in his eyes ” inequitable because in any championship, there is a positive and negative sanction in this case of ascents and descents “.

According to him, the FSF cannot deprive Teungueth FC of the title of champion and Linguère of the rise within the elite, while designating teams to represent Senegal in African competitions.

La Linguère de Saint-Louis, leading the Ligue 2 classification at the end of the first leg, was six points ahead of US Ouakam and Demba Diop FC who had the same number of points.

At the end of the season, the top two in the Ligue 2 standings were called upon to join the elite.

On the side of CNEPS Thiès, red lantern of Ligue 1 and who played his survival in the elite, the coach Gaoussou Dramé applauds the federal decision.

“The Federation has tried everything but it is not possible to continue this championship,” he said, acknowledging that his position as the last in Ligue 1 suggests that the decision of the FSF suits the affairs of his club.

The Senegalese Football Federation (FSF) announced in a press release Wednesday that it has decided to put “a final end” to the competitions of the 2019-2020 season, without however awarding the titles that were at stake.

The members of the executive committee of the federation, meeting the same day at the headquarters of the FSF, decided to “not award [des] titles and freeze promotions and relegations at all levels. ”

According to the press release, this decision is justified by the “insufficient ratio of matches played” by the clubs.


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