Clubbers in quarantine: Zurich authorities disappointed with revelers’ behavior – Switzerland

The canton of Zurich is concerned after the evening at a club that resulted in the quarantine of 300 people due to the coronavirus. Many club clients have left false email addresses on the attendance list. This attitude greatly handicapped the work of the tracers.

Check names

Numerous revelers have insulted those responsible for finding them to inform them of the situation, state councilor Natalie Rickli (UDC), in charge of the canton of Zurich’s health department, said at a conference on Sunday. hurry.

The magistrate said she was disappointed by the fact that this weekend either, the revelers did not respect the rules of social distance. Messages and images transmitted on social media have shown this.

Rickli called on club owners to check customer IDs: “Putting a false name is not enough.” If the instructions are not followed, the authorities could again close the clubs, she warned.

Super propagator

The canton of Zurich announced on Saturday evening its first “superspreader” of Covid-19, a super-propagator of the virus. A nightclub customer in Zurich on June 21 tested positive four days later. Five club visitors were infected.

The case was reported to the cantonal doctor. His services then contacted the owner of the club. Thanks to the presence list it has established, the cantonal tracing team was able to inform customers on June 21 at the same time as the super-transmitter on Saturday that they must observe quarantine.

Nearly 300 people, visitors and club employees, must submit to it for ten days. The quarantine was ordered by the services of the cantonal doctor.

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The super-transmitters of the virus are people infected with Covid-19 who are, for unknown reasons, very contagious.

Created: 28.06.2020, 19h00

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