Club America | Today’s agenda, Thursday, December 31: Pedro Aquino, Mercado

It is expected that during this Thursday the second reinforcement of America for him Guard1anes 2021. The Peruvian midfielder Pedro Aquino is expected to make his arrival at the Americanist institution official on this day for the next challenge that will be in Mexican football.

There have been several days that this possibility has been rumored, and for which as time went by it was not possible to confirm the arrival, despite the fact that at all times it was very well on the way, despite having to define some details.

The South American arrives at America after being champion with the León Club in the previous competitive contest, being one of the best midfielders in the Mexican championship and soccer and for which it is expected that the player’s present will remain with the azulcrema shirt.

It is expected that, With the arrival of Aquino, I also know of the departure of Fernando González from America, due to the fact that the Bear was in the part of the negotiation as “exchange currency”, despite the fact that the Eagles also placed money on the table.

I don’t know, time will tell



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