Club América could use Roger Martínez for the loss due to Nicolás Castillo’s injury

After the Chilean withdrawal was confirmed Nicolás Castillo because it will have to be operated by a ruptured femoral rectum tendon, the Eagles of America they have run out of options in the front of the team because, except Henry Martín, Miguel Herrera It has no other ‘nine’ header.

With Castillo out indefinitely, the only option is to trust the Colombian again Roger Martínez, who until a few days ago was totally ruled out by the Piojo Herrera to participate in the Clausura 2020 with those of the nest.

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Roger did not want to go out to MLS with Inter Miami and América did not want to accept a very poor offer from Boca Juniors of Argentina for his soccer player and, given this extemporaneous situation, Herrera will have to reconsider his position.

The louse said that the personal relationship with Martinez was not bad as some media had assured, so rethinking the role that Martinez would have during this semester with the Eagles would not be so far fetched.

On the other hand, the coffee player could see one of his last great opportunities to show that he has enough quality to appear in America and thus make the jump back to football in Europe, because that is the idea that takes his dream away ‘Martinez.

The Eagles have until January 31 to be able to hire a reinforcement in the front although in previous days the same Santiago Baños had ensured that the Eagles did not contemplate signing players for the offensive zone.

Another option that America has is to continue like this and await the arrival of Federico Viñas, who closed the previous semester in a great way scoring several goals during the Opening League.



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