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New coronavirusThe way of working has changed drastically due to the influence of2020..Most of the presentations and meetingsonlineAnd the company is completeRemote workSince I moved to, I personally take time to work at homeReviewIt was a year with many opportunities to do.Meanwhile, of various productsReviewWas active inMicrosoftofGame controlroller-It is.Background of purchase and actual useReviewArticles, etc.Game controlrollerFrom the success of2020I would like to look back on.

In tokyoApril 7ToEmergency declarationHas been announcedMay 25It was reached before it was released2020ofGolden week..I can’t go out, so I’m at homeSmartphone gameI was devoting all my energy to the capture of.

That is in MarchKonamiButreleasedid”Akumajo Dracula X Moonlight Nights」。1997ToPlayStationReleased forMetroidvaniaofClassicIt can be said that it is a workiOS/AndroidSince the version was delivered,AndroidEditionplayI was doing it.

Akumajo Dracula X Moonlight Nights | Castlevania Dracula Portalsite

https://www.konami.with/games/castlevania/ jp / ja /page/history_2020_son

I tried playing, but on the screenvirtualpadIt’s difficult to operate, soclearIt turns out that it is unlikely to be possible.KonSolegame machineofcontrollerI was trying by connecting several. After allPC gamesForcontrollerI was just wanting it, so I also wanted it wirelesslyUSBAlso supports wired connection of “Microsoft Game controlroller-“Is purchased.CurrentlyUSB Type-CCompatible products are on sale, but I bought itmicroUSBUSB Type-AcableIt is a product that can be connected with.

USB-A terminalOTGCorrespondingUSB-CAttach the conversion adapterAndroidsmartphoneComfortable when connected toplayThe environment is realized.safelyCastlevania Dracula XToclearI was able to do.

At workperformancenot onlydesignAlso good and uniqueGamingLaptopPay attention toReviewI was doing it, but I started here in AprilMicrosoftFlat rate systemgameserviceXbox Game PassIs utilized.

First month of registration100 yenThere are also many benefits such as! gameOf the editionSubscribeXbox Game PassIs providedApril 14Fromstart

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Forza Horizon 4」「Gaers 5 “, etc.SoleBeautiful that can be deployed even on a machinegraphicoftitleToInstallationdo it,Gaming PCofperformanceWas evaluated.Game controlroller-Is also active here.

ASUS「PLEASE Zephyrus G14」ReviewOn the top plateLEDPixel artClieInvoluntarilyPresenceUnleash 14inchGamingLaptop

ASUS 「ROG Strix SCAR15」ReviewFor a profound appearancedesignHigh where sex coexistsspecGamingLaptop

ASUS「PLEASE Zephyrus Duo」ReviewTwo screens that stimulate your imaginationGamingLaptop

In JuneIndie gameFestival “BitSummitIs the firstonlineEventHeld as.gamesubscriptionserviceTueExhibited on “mik”PC gamesToGame controlrollerI played with.

Tuewith mikJuly 11Untilplaymay!Indie gameonlineEventBitSummit Gaithe5 from the exhibited workstitleTopick up s/2614457

It’s not just PCs.GamingsmartphoneRedMagic5 “ReviewWhen you doGameplayAs an environmentperformanceTo evaluateGame controlroller-Connect.smartphoneApp Not only in JuneSoftbankStartedCloud gamingserviceGeForceNOW」もplaydoing.

144Hzdisplay Water cooling & turbofanWith mechanismGamingsmartphoneRedMagic5」Review Appnot onlyCloud gameAlso usefulplaysurroundings

gamemode Is newly installedAmazonofFireTabletNew productsFire HD8 Plus“ofReviewButGame controlrollerConnectplayI tried to.

gamemode With on-boardRAMStrengthenedFireTabletFire HD8 PlusIsGame consoleWill it be?I tried to verify

And2020IsMicrosoftNext generationgame machineXbox Series X| S ”release year.Gadget communicationIsReviewprogramParticipate inNovember 10Before the release date ofXbox Series XToReviewI was able to do.

Xbox Series XReviewFeatured function “quick“Resume” “Backward compatible” “devicebyremoteplayExperience

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On the bodycontrollerBecause it comes withGame controlroller-Isn’t it related? You might think that.ActuallyAndroid/iOSuse”XboxAppToInstalleddeviceOn the bodyInstalledgamePlay “remoteplay“Function”ReviewWhen you do newcontrollerIsiOSdeviceBecause the connection with was not supportediPadToGame controlrollerConnectplayI was doing it.

NovemberToXbox usegameTomobiledeviceTo be able to play withCloud gamingserviceProjectxCloud “ReviewprogramBut even in JapanstartReviewThenXbox Series XofcontrollerI used, but nowXboxusecontrollerToXboxLeave it paired withGame controlrollerMainI am using it for.

PuReview ButstartdidMicrosoftofCloud gamingserviceProjectxCloud “experienceReview controllerNoneGameplayAlso supports

ReviewIn the case ofsmartphonestandStand upplayI was doing it, but after thatGame controlrollerForsmartphoneBuy a holder. Ai_ purchased by the authorLifeofsmartphone The holder is conventionalmodelofcontrollerThe dimensions matchstandIt is very convenient because you can pull out and stand it up.

ProjectxCloud is currentlyAndroiduserForReviewprogramWe are looking for participants.XboxEven without the main bodysmartphoneWhencontrollerCurrently 27 if there istitleofgameIs free and unlimited.AndroiduserIf so, I recommend you to apply.Flat rate system in the futuregameserviceXbox Game Pass lastTo “te” membersserviceWill be provided, soXbox Game Pass lastte is also requiredcheck..now100 yen For 3 monthsXboxAnd for PC100titleExceedgameCan play.

ProjectxCloud registration | Xbox ja-jp /xboxgame -strewhichof /project-xcloud/regwants

XBOX GAME PASSJoin and join your next favoritegameLet’s find | Xbox .with/ ja-JP /xboxgamepass

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Cloud gaming for gaming PCs and consoles was a big success when I bought a Microsoft game controller in 2020.



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