Cloud cover and low temperatures, the forecast for this Wednesday night in New York | Video | Univision 41 New York WXTV

per hour.maybe today is not the bestgo to visit attractionslike this, but for tomorrowcan we make plans?lily: for tomorrow we needthe beanie.tomorrow is the day to be in thestreet, but the rain in newjersey ceases, yesdo you have plans to go outyou can do it without anytrouble.if you get in brooklyno long islands todaía habárains in the hours of thenight.manhattan is bastanteclear and clear.we have rains for thesouthern areas.about 7:00 pm invermouth.when they arrive at 8:00 pmin the alert ceases and therain ends.we are left with a littlecloudiness, but tomorrow comes outSun.tomorrow is an ideal morningto go for a walk, attemperatures between 70 and 73.beautiful temperatures forfrom 80 to 81, it’s a nice dayand fresh to be a day of theJuly.we are watching that rainthat is leaving areas oflong highland.temperatures staybetween 77 to 78, and the rainhas ceased in the state ofjarín.tomorrow there will be a descentdrastic.the next probability ofrain is 30% andpasses for Sunday.all week is seen withdry conditions.rising temperaturesfor the weekend, untilhere the conditions of the


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